The Health Board is aware of the increasing patient demand in GP Practices and Pharmacies and as you will be aware, access to NHS dental services is also proving problematic.

However, to support GP Practices and Pharmacies, I would like to remind you that should a patient present at your practice or pharmacy who requires urgent dental care but does not attend a dental practice regularly, please ask them to contact the Dental Helpline on 01633 744387. Patients can access this service Monday-Friday between 9am-12:15pm and 1:15pm-4pm and where possible, the Dental Helpline will offer patients a same day urgent appointment.

Patients should also be informed that contacting the Dental Helpline during weekday evenings, 6:30pm–8am, will provide an advisory service only. This service does not provide the ability to book an urgent appointment, but will, for example, provide advice on pain relief.  During weekends and Bank Holiday’s patients can also contact the Dental Helpline where a limited number of appointments are available at Clytha Clinic, Newport and/or advice can be obtained.